Search Engine Optimisation SEO Overview For Singapore Business

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Search Engine Optimization SEO Overview

Since the internet’s appearance in the late 90’s online marketing has become a necessary skill that every company should strive to master. But with so many companies and business having an online presence in websites and even social media, simply having a online domain is not enough.

Businesses need extra help if they expect to draw customers to their websites and increase their conversion rates. Which is why Search Engine Marketing has become an important online marketing tool by allowing businesses to attract their target clients and increase their visibility over their competitors.


SEO is a marketing strategy whose focus is to increase the visibility of a website in search engine results. It is one of the most effective online marketing strategies and has longer-lasting results than traditional paid advertising schemes.

This is because Search Engine Optimization takes into account popular search trends, which is why people tend to see their results as more trustworthy than paid ads.

The basis of SEO is keyword optimization, which involves using commonly searched words in the website’s content so that the search engine’s web crawler can give the site a higher ranking in the results page.

But there’s a lot more to SEO than just stuffing keywords in a web page. An optimized website should also be structured in a way that both the visitors and the search engine can understand, with relevant content that is linked by other relevant, quality websites.

In a nutshell, SEO is a way to help people find your company’s services and products by making sure that your website is ranked high in a keyword’s search organic results page.


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The purpose of SEO is to make it easier for a search engine’s web crawler to read through a website and find relevant keywords and links.

Every search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or Baidu) uses a web robot to loop through millions of pages, checking their content and indexing them in their database so that they can be easily retrieved later by any internet user who types the right keyword.

Good SEO can make the difference between increasing a website’s visibility or burying it deep in the search results, where no one will click on it.

In addition to helping your website to get indexed, SEO helps it to attract visitors that are interested in buying your services and products. Search Engines work like librarians taking an user’s query and looping through a huge database until they find every relevant result.

After they’ve searched the whole index they rank the results according to their popularity, keyword use, and the quality of other pages that link to it.

However the downside to SEO is that it will only help your page rank in a specific search engine. Although optimizing your website for Yahoo will also make it rank high on Bing (because both websites have an alliance), the same cannot be said of other search engines.


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